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good morning. 5:00 on this thursday morning the first day of november and it is a wet one. thanks for being here. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze.
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let's check out live doppler, good morning in the east bay hills the best radar returns are showing up marsh creek road, basco, diablo, heading towards hop yard, dublin pleasanton towards livermore that whole area seeing some of the better radar returns out of the sunol towards milpitas, east brokaw, sierra, some of the better radar returns there. down 17 or 9 or 85, saratoga avenue towards meridian that's where the best radar returns are. in a bigger perspective, north bay starting to clear a little all of us will see the end of the steady rain by the end of the commute. at the coast partly sunny near 60 the rest of us mid to upper 60s with a stray shower possible this afternoon. steady rain now.
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unfortunately, when we have slick roads like this solo spin-outs are the norm we have several now. live shout of south 101 tail lights past civic center up toward lincoln central san rafael flight through northern and southern marin westbound 580 past north livermore accident you can see red sensors in between, slowing past the scene there. north 880 ramp to montague san jose that ramp is blocked with an accident. new accident the rain through the san ramon tri-valley area north 680 at treat. police trying to determine if weather played any role in a halloween accident involving two children. they were trick-or-treating in the rain and hit by a car in santa rosa. police say adults tried to stop the children from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of the car. 4-year-old girl and
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10-year-old boy were hit. they are expected to recover. the driver is cooperating with police. there will be help available today for south bay homeowners having trouble paying mortgages. terry mcsweeney is at the convention center where lenders will be there today. >> reporter: hundreds of conslers and lenders are going to be here at -- convention center south hall 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today same hours through monday. they have a grievance the habit hood assistance corporation of america putting this on. they have a grievance with bank -- they have agreements to lower interest rates if they had adjustable that ballooned extraordinarily or if there was a predatory loan for example a no interest lone they will be here today, they are offering loans to people who are looking to buy a house, people already have a house, one of those people looking for assistance the first
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person in line today is he will hand degree lawrence he lives -- is you are fully employed you've got a house like many houses went down in value over the years. you have been at these events before. what was the difficulty before? >> my mortgage has become less affordable since the second time i came. the first time i wasn't able to go through the whole process. since then, i feel that since my mortgage is less afford , i think they can help me. >> reporter: you have about a 5% plus loan now. what are you looking to get? >> i'm hoping to get around what the rates are going for around threes, which will help out a lot with my current mortgage. >> reporter: good luck to you. good luck with that mortgage. something new, we've covered these events before we've been
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at the cow palace when 30,000 turned out over four days. this time around they are knack is anybody no it -- you have lost your house come down they have a -- review looking to see if they can't get your home back. if not, might be able to get you up to $125,000. when the government applies pressure to these lenders. much more coming up at 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. latest on superstorm sandy. residents along the east coast beginning the long road to recovery with key transportation resuming today. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: new york city is coming back to life it might be easier for some to get around starting today. first laguardia airport has reopened as of this morning flights limited call your airline if you are flying this morning. subways and ferries resuming
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limited service. buses will try to fill in gaps. governor cuomo is waiving fees and fares today and tomorrow to help people get around. for anyone who dares to drive, police are manning checkpoints and enforcing a three-person carpool requirement to get into manhattan. they are looking at new jersey now, slower recovery there from the storm which has killed more than 70 people and left millions without power. natural gas fires still burning in new jersey and people are still stranded in hoboken. >> compared to the last storm this is far worst and it is going to take quite sometime to get this back together again. >> reporter: new york's bellevue hospital had to be fully shutdown and national guard troops are evacuating patients. 10,000 troops have been put on duty in 13 states. department of homeland security secretary napolitano will tour the disaster areas
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in new york and connecticut today. she says superstorm sandy could be among the most expensive in united states history. hurricane katrina cleanup and recovery cost merely 106 billion dollars, -- cost nearly 106 billion dollars. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> the need is great and to help the people affected by sandy, you can text the words red cross to 90999 to donate $10 or call 1-800-red cross. or go to for a link to the red across website. teenager accused of stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini and shooting at two people set to race rearraignment today. a judge ruled two weeks ago there is enough evidence against 18-year-old max wade and ordered him to tan trial on various charges. police say wade stole
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guy fieri's lamborghini last year to impress a girl she rejected him wade is accused shooting at a car she was in with her boyfriend. san leandro's ban on styrofoam takes effect today. restaurants must use compostable -- [ unintelligible ] businesses that don't comply will be given one warning. officials say they adopted the ordinance last year to protect the city's natural environment. san leandro joins more than 60 jurisdictions in the state that passed similar ordinances. winter spare the air season begins today with tougher penalties for violators. management district has higher fines for people who burn wood during spare the air alerts. first time violators $100 fine
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or option of reading about and tested on the health hazards of wood smoke. second time offenders $500 ticket, the spare the air season runs from today until february of next year. this morning sergio romo is still getting a lot of attention not for his arm but for the t-shirt he wore yesterday. the message on his shirt read: i just look illegal." the 29-year-old is an american born son of mexican immigrants, raised near the mexican border. he celebrated the bay area's diversity in his victory speech saying if there is one thing i can say about this team we are a great example of this city. [ unintelligible ] the t-shirt maker says he sold more than 100 shirts yesterday at $12 after only selling a few dozen in the two years
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since they were designed. another memorable moment during the victory parade came at the expense of manager bruce bochy. good samaritans jumped in to help push the rolls-royce he and his wife were riding in after it ran out of gas. it stalled along the market street parade route and had to be pushed all the way to civic center plaza. i'm sure the fans were all too happy to give him help. >> british engineering, that shouldn't happen a stall they don't control how much gas you put in the gas. >> maybe they eat a lot of gas that is another story. we start with live doppler, rainfall totals so far on top you can see santa rosa by far the leader, novato nearly half an inch, fairfield, concord, fremont,. >> amount, south bay san jose,
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-- moffitt field had a third of an inch starting to get more sporadic as it moves through the south bay. third after inch in san francisco, quarter of an inch at the coast. better radar returns starting to move into the eastern most parts of contra costa, alameda into the south bay. broaden it out more showers developing offshore that will move into the santa cruz mountains some could leak into the is company valley for the better part of the morning commute -- going to remain best in the south forever steady light rain through the morning commute -- the rest of us will be dealing with drizzle, slickness on the streets. we keep the rain in the forecast through possibly 9:00, stray shower noon into 4:00 increase in sunshine towards the around. check out the first weekend in november, temperatures above average mid to upper 60s at the coast, throw upper 70s for the rest of us.
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-- low to upper 70s for the rest of us. bay bridge toll looking good, a little wet no traffic delays obviously no metering lights, good time to head into the city. just saw the crews configuring go bridge for your commute into san francisco, southbound four lanes, -- northbound two lanes, slick there, fog-free. >> san mateo bridge doing a bridge check getting busier westbound towards the flat section and highrise 13 minute drive across the bay to the foster city side. wet bound 580 past north livermore accident slow traffic past the scene 20 minutes get the dublin-pleasanton area from the altamont pass north 680 at treat and walnut creek first reports of accident. bart will be easier to get than squeeze into a train yesterday yesterday had record amounts of riders today will be easier ride all mass
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transit on time. [ inaudible ] here's this morning's america's money report. good morning. estimates say the total cost of hurricane sandy could top 50 billion dollars with about 30 billion in damaged and destroyed property and the rest in lost business activity. sandy has sparked rebuilding rally on wall street shares of home depot, lowe's and other home improvement companies up wednesday first day of trading since the storm hit home bow up more than 2%. airlines -- scrambling in the wake of sanity trying to rebook two million passengers after almost 20,000 flights were cancelled. most airlines are waiving rebooking fees. forget seeing red, how about
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hearing red. taylor swift's new album red selling 1.2 million copies in its first week fastest selling album
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i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll. good thursday morning. don't see much in the way of wet weather here but the roads are still slick in areas where
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not raining. you can see towards emeryville, oakland, berkeley that area maybe a little sprinkle around oakland airport towards alameda. steadier showers san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge and moving into the east bay. we'll talk about how much long they are is going to last and warmer weather in your forecast. 5:17. if you ever go near the ocean, a california surfer says he survived a shark attack by punching that shark in the head until it let go. scott stevens says the great white pulled him underwater off the coast of eureka. according to doctors he suffered seven deep lacerations luckily none of his vital organs were damaged many he's expected to recover. the 25-year-old thanked the doctors who operated on him. he plans to surf again. new revelations on the decision to strip lance
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armstrong of his tour de france titles. the are for investigative reporting revealed some of the pivotal testimony against armstrong his former teammate testified that he had first turned to cycling to escape drug abuse in his home. then later felt pressure from armstrong and team leaders to use banned drugs. head of the cycling union says the story changed his perspective on the scandal. only on abc7 news, a man beaten by the mob sunday after the giants won the world series, he tried to stop the bus vandalism, received a special invitation to the giants' victory parade. he was attacked after trying to push people away from that bus he suffered broken nose and gashes on his face. san francisco supervisor weiner heard about it and invited him to the vip section of the ceremonies. despite his injuries he says he would do it again. >> i'm a product of the city,
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i'm a native son i'm proud of everything that it has given me. i wanted to give something back. and nothing like this should happen. >> he says a friend pulled him from the mob and saved him from more serious injuries. 5:19. we know we had to use the wipers. >> good thing the parade was dry. it came heavy in the north bay where we thought it would be 5:19 good morning here's the embarcadero center still with orange glow of the world series win. live doppler 7 hd i was trying to find other areas to show you where the wet weather is moving through moving slowly off to the east light rain maybe moderate at times you can see the yellows disappearing over the last three hours, no more oranges
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the rainfall an tapering as it heads down to the south. narrow band, about 75 miles from north to south, definitely long from south wet to northeast reaching across the state from the coast up to the mountains where turning into snow in the highest elevations sue says no chain requirements needed there with the sun coming up soon probably won't need any as the soon continues this morning. upper 50s, mild this morning, same around monterey bay to 60 in salinas. we are going to be wet during the morning whether that means steady rain, or just drizzle and wetness on the ground, partly sunny by this afternoon, partly cloudy tonight patchy fog inland. bright and warm weekend. cold front pushing into the bay area slowly falling apart
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and losing forward speed as the low travels too far to the north and high pressure remains stubborn to our south. overnight rain came in and it slowed down and that's what it is doing now. so far holding close to what we talked about yesterday with steady rain through at least 7:00, 8:00, by noon maybe a stray shower, clouds start opening up and we'll see sunshine that could warm the atmosphere enough to destabilize it for a stray shower especially latter parts of the afternoon. evening we lose energy and heat of the day rain is gone. possibility of another 10th of an inch maybe quarter of an inch out of this rain as it heads through our neighborhoods. we will have a mix of high clouds and sunshine tomorrow's warm air invection will create some of those clouds, then once the warm air is here saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures well above average from the coast election day no reason to stay
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home, temperatures will be warm and it will be bright outside. back to san rafael. 101 out of novato past the civic center into central san rafael, traffic light, tail lights southbound. flooding northbound 101 in cortamadera by lucky drive in the left and right lanes. dark san jose, a few head it lights north on 280 very light, 17 overcrossing out of the santa cruz mountains no delays and no problems. couple incidents westbound 580, accident on the shoulder at north livermore, bunching up past the scene about 23 minutes towards the dublin-pleasanton interchange. new accident westbound 580 at hacienda blocking lane of traffic there. 680 in walnut creek at treat accident partially blocking left lane, slowing your drive northbound towards concord.
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today on katie one of the most beloved musicals of all time, annie is back. katie sits down with a new broadway cast. katie 3 p.m.. remember dukes of hazard tv show? two drug smugglers may have been channeling that this is how they ended up after trying to jump their suv into the united states, their jeep got stuck on the fence that separates the southern california desert from mexico the smugglers ran after border patrol spotted them, they are still on the loose. trick-or-treating for a cause. the high school students who turned halloween into an opportunity to feed their hungry neighbors. another highlight from the giants' victory celebration where you were yesterday kristen from the giants
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welcome back. steady rain has left this part of san francisco a little drizzle possible not raining steadily now mainly south of the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about sun and warmer weather. you will be able to once again visit one of nation's landmarks the crown on the statue of liberty in new york will reopen to the public sunday. it has been closed for a year to make it safer by adding more stairs and wheelchair
5:27 am
accessible elevators. the work cost 30 million dollars. sunday marks the 126th anniversary of lady liberty's dedication. innovative students used halloween to serve their they went trick-or-treating for canned food last night many of -- they collected more than 10,000 pounds of food. they earned added bonus, [ unintelligible ] we are continuing to follow breaking news from los angeles, a halloween party on a college campus takes a violent turn. latest on the shooting that has left several wounded. >> police hope you can help them catch a arsonist. next the tough message from san francisco's police chief. live doppler, you can see
5:28 am
the heavier showers through the east bay and who are lining up -- [ inaudible ] ♪
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. good morning. day after the parade we are all dizzy with excitement. this morning, rain unlike the giants' parade yesterday. not like the confetti falling yesterday, this is wet stuff and stick together roads. eastern sections of contra costa and alameda near livermore, altamont, tesla, basco, all the way up towards oakley, pittsburg highway 4 where our best radar returns are now and eastern side of
5:32 am
milpitas up into the hills. we still have light drizzle hugging the bay shoreline, peninsula bay shore, from san mateo down to sunnyvale. into the afternoon hours partly sunny and temperatures near 60 at the coast, the rest of us mid to upper 70s. live shot bay bridge toll checking in no issues a little wetness on the roads, getting busier no delays heading into san francisco, no metering lights yet. tough commute westbound 580 earlier problem at north livermore now out of lanes. traffic is just slow out of the central valley. now a new accident west 580 at has yen blocking a lane of traffic. -- san francisco flooding paul avenue in left and right lanes accident walnut creek area north 680 at treat in the clearing stages.
5:33 am
we continue our coverage of the rain with amy hollyfield in fremont. what the conditions like now? >> reporter: good morning. we are getting a break now in the weather. this rainstorm seems to come and go something to be aware of, definitely have your umbrella near bile. be wary of your trip on the roads. here's video taken overnight, at the golden gate bridge, it is coming down and we experienced it as well driving to fremont chp says they are receiving calls from people on the roads, typical storm calls, standing water on the roads people are complaining about, spin-outs, be aware of this weather and it does seem to come and go and it is headed to this area fremont, redwood city, southern portion of the bay area now this is what it looked like earlier this morning on the golden gate bridge. chp dispatched crews this
5:34 am
morning throughout the area to try to do some drain clearage to get standing water off the roads. grab the rain jacket, it isn't too terrible, don't cancel the plans today, definitely bear able. something to keep in mind and plan for, especially when you are sending the kids out the door. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. transit may be a good idea for some today, it was yesterday as well. bart set a new record yesterday when an estimated one million giants' fans packed downtown san francisco for the world series celebration. bart recorded more than 553,000 exits 10 p.m. last night final tally released today, smashed previous record of more than 522,000 set two years ago for the last giants' world series parade. muni says its system carried 250,000 people yesterday, more
5:35 am
than a 50% increase over a normal day. san francisco police investigating shooting that happened near the city hall rally on turk and leavenworth, four blocks from the civic center. 18-year-old shot in the head, he's in critical. 23-year-old grazed by a bullet witnesses say they heard an argument among a group of people before the shooting. police believe the crime is not related to the giants' celebration. police released new images of the arsonists caught on video torching a muni bus this week following the giants world series win. a crowd turned violent in parts of the city, video showing two men who started the fire at third and market. a man throwing a flammable object at the bus. then a second man adds more flames to the fire. police say finding the arsonists is their top priority now. >> we will identify you. we will arrest you. we will prosecute you.
5:36 am
and you are going to pay for. >> mayor lee says it will cost the city a million dollars to replace the business. this morning oakland police say an attempted robbery may have led to the shooting death of a man inside a cell phone store last night. detectives say adult male was shot in the upper body at the metropc store in the 9200 block of international boulevard. the man's identity has not been released. we continue to follow developing news out of los angeles. two men under arrest for the halloween shootings of four people on the usc campus. two men at a party were arguing when one pulled a gun and opened fire. one was shot several times and critically wounded. three bystanders also wounded with nonlife-threatening injuries. none of the people involve usc students. >> j in the bay area more than 3,000 thursday -- in the bay
5:37 am
area, more than 3,000 nurses are set to hold a juan-day walk out, the sixth in a series of a one-day walk-out, the sixth in a series. the most recent strike was early july. sutter health says replacement nurses have been brought in to staff the facilities where there is a strike. thousands of bay area homeowners with mortgages they can't afford have an opportunity to get help this weekend in san jose. starting 8:00 this morning'[sññe neighborhood assistance corporation of america returns to the bay area with its american dream program, hundreds of counselors and bank representatives from all major lenders will be at the san jose convention center through monday assisting with tree onsite home loans and free loan modifications. terry mcsweeney will have a live report in 30 minutes.
5:38 am
many new york city subways began rolling again three days after sandy caused the worst disaster in the transit system's history. officials say there still won't be much service to downtown manhattan or lower manhattan where tunnels remain flooded. in new jersey the storm damaged -- some residents are still stranded in hoboken the storm killed more than 70 and left millions without power. katie marzullo will have an update on east coast storm damage coming up. we don't have flooding, we got some rain, healthy dose overnight [ inaudible ] even if it is not raining in your neighborhood you are still going to have wetness on the road. live doppler centered on
5:39 am
castro valley, still radar returns towards down hesperian, howard, towards tennison road, 84 wet, stevenson boulevard wet this morning with just lighter rain that's what the blues mean. now back across the bridge towards east palo alto around the embarcadero page mill road, a little bit of light rain heavier rain now in the santa cruz mountains as it descends into the santa clara valley it will lose a little intensity. still a healthy amount of rain around los gatos now towards campbell, cambria park, san jose, santa clara eventually milpitas. day planner, light rain through the morning commute, lingering shower possible this afternoon as clouds start to open up and we reach the mid
5:40 am
to upper 60s away interest the coast where our temperature will top out at 60. high clouds and sun tomorrow, temperatures away from the coast, above average for saturday and sunday. let's get an update on those accidents. kind of quiet roads are wet now, a couple of incidents. fog-free at golden gate bridge, wet roads and flooding in cortamadera northbound 101 if you you are traveling that area. san mateo bridge getting busier traffic westbound still a 13 minute drive from hayward towards foster city westbound. wet there as well. westbound past north livermore accident partially blocking left lane, a grind out of the central valley this morning up and over the altamont pass, approaching a 30 minute commute to the dublin-pleasanton area. walnut creek north 680 at treat that accident is cleared. heading out southbound out of
5:41 am
santa rosa, 101 just under 30 minutes, highway 4 slow out of antioch towards 242, westbound east shore freeway carquinez bridge to the maze under 20 minutes. san jose police officer puts his life on the line to save a young girl. next, how he's being honored. heads-up trick-or-treaters, how you can turn that candy into cash, first here's another highlight from the giants' victory celebra
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like i said you guys better be proud, you guys need to be proud, we are all world series champions here wearing orange and black in san francisco. >> how do you like that teamwork off the field, love it. san jose officer set to get the highest police award today for his role in a hostage rescue. the department will present the officer with its medal of honor for rescuing an 11-year-old girl held by her mother's ex-boyfriend it happened in january during a standoff. the suspect texted he a gun and would be ready for police. the pistol was a lookalike baretta loaded with blanks.
5:45 am
that would not be known until after jiminez rescued the girl. more than 1,000 dentists around the country are offering to exchange toothbrushes, toys even cash for halloween candy they will be sending the candy to troops. they see it as an opportunity to educate kids about tooth decay for parent as opportunity to get rid of some of that excess candy and spaour the troops at the same time for a list of dental offices taking part in the candy exchange go to next, good news for drivers at the gas pumps. bloomberg business report straight ahead. president obama and mitt romney begin a last minute push today to sway voters. what a new poll reveals about the impact of superstorm candy. pedal power at the stick, how the 49ers want to make it easier
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welcome back. here's a look at live doppler, drying trend for part s of the bay area north and peninsula drizzle main problem south bay and east bay lighter rain. snow up in the mountains, you do not need chains. temperatures this afternoon low to mid 70s, sacramento, fresno upper 60s los angeles and san diego, palm springs 87, scattered showers tahoe and yosemite mid to upper 50s. governor brown will be in san francisco today making a last minute push for prop 30 his second visit in one week. prop 30 asks voters to approve temporary tax hike on incomes over quarter million dollars a year and sales tax hike for four years the governor says the revenue will prevent six
5:50 am
billion dollars to schools. -- president obama dives back into campaigning today visiting wisconsin, nevadan and colorado after several days of leading the federal response to superstorm sandy the president's advisers insist the break from campaigning gave him a chance to offer comfort and command in a crisis only a president can deliver. he even got praise from republican governor christy of new jersey. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me, i cannot thank the president must have for his -- his personal concern and compassion for our state and the people of our stay >> we can't change course in america if we -- if we keep attack each other. we have to come together and get america on track again. >> republican challenger mitt romney will be in virginia today helping to raise money for victims of sandy. latest poll shows the race basically tied nationally among likely voters with five
5:51 am
days to go. driving in we had rain this morning. did you have to use your wipers a lot? >> had to use them a lot, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. we check in on the forecast with mike even see what is developing now. good morning. loading up the show and showing what is going on with live doppler 7 hd from our roof cam, cloud cover still out there drizzle, still dealing with the bulk of the rain across the south bay and east bay, santa cruz mountains now i think the upon ray bay is where our best focus is going to be from 7:00 to 9:00 for rain during the latter parts of the commute. rest of us damp, still a lot of wet weather on the roadways. let's take about mountains, up to the sierra, a little snow up there, definitely wet if you are going that way, no matter where you are traveling,
5:52 am
within an hour the bay area it going to be wet this morning. upper 50s here, same around monterey bay, salinas 60. wet morning commute, partly sunny through the afternoon, partly cloudy tonight patchy fog bright and warm as we head through the weekend. cold front you can see bulk of energy to the north that's why that part of the front -- we expected the front to slow as it moves through that's why we still have rain this morning. the bulk of the rain at 7:00, around the san mateo bridge and farther to the south, you can see by 10:00 steady rain out of the south bay by noon out of the monterey bay and just a stray shower possible as we need the afternoon those clouds open up and bring us sunshine and that's what going to irritate the atmosphere enough for one of those stray showers. color coding, lightest blue up
5:53 am
to a 10th of an inch that's what we are going to get, maybe more in higher elevations to the south as we head through the next couple of hours. near 60 along the coast, mid to upper 60s the rest of us, near 70 fairfield, antioch and livermore. low to mid 60s monterey bay mid to upper 60s inland. tonight temperatures cooler by 10°, mid 40s to low 50s overnight. high clouds and sunshine, warm air comes back tomorrow when it comes over cool, moist ground we'll have high clouds and sunshine, more sunshine drier air saturday and sunday and warmer then also. set your clocks back an hour saturday night. check batteries in detector and alarms. look at the macarthur maze, 580 westbound, 880 northbound and 80 westbound headed into the toll, no metering lights
5:54 am
yet, things good at the bay bridge now. traffic out of antioch not as slow as usual just under 20 minutes, as you drive towards the concord area westbound highway 4, southbound 17 idyllwild stall blocking right lane, out and about mass transit good way to avoid driving on wet roads, bart, muni, caltrain, everybody on time. tougher commute, as the traffic app, this is 580 headed westbound being see very, very slow from the central valley up and over the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area from the altamont into dublin pleasanton about a 30 minute commute this is a tree app, you can download it on the app store or google play. 5:54. labor department just released figures dropped 9,000.
5:55 am
tomorrow we get the jobless numbers for october which could play a role in next week's presidential election. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. long gas lines and spiking prices on east coast after hurricane sandy, people tank up and buy extra to power generators. associated process some think pump prices are likely to keep going down nationwide because of ample supply. people in states hit hard by the storm are doing less driving. meantime, new jersey's housing market hard hit by the hurricane, state has the nation's second highest foreclosure rate. new york and new jersey face at least 100 million dollars of beach repairs and cleanup of toxic sewage. investors looking at report on weekly jobless claims ahead of the big report due out tomorrow. insurance companies taking direct hit from sandy yesterday that weighed on stocks. at the new york stock exchange,
5:56 am
i'm jane king. riding bart in bad weather might be a little more pleasant according to the examiner, bart is developing a canopy prototype for its escalators to shield riders from wind and rain. escalators around downtown san francisco have suffered numerous disruptions. civic center had to shutdown because of filthy conditions. 49er fans have a new way to get to the games at candlestick park without worry installing bike s starting with the november 11th game. the first time fans have had an official -- official place to park their bikes since the team began playing there more than 40 years ago. no word on how many bikes they will be able to handle or where they will go. the 9ers are also planning bike parking for their new stadium in santa clara. next, live in the south bay where if you have an
5:57 am
unaffordable mortgage you can get free help. new help coming to people across the east coast dealing with no power and no cell phone reception. michael finney and consumer reports look at product packageing
5:58 am
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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 11/1/2012